Have you spent time in our wonderful, unique Student House?  As you will know it is a beautiful, listed building which needs lots of TLC to keep it going.  It also needs money…

If you have ever lived here and experienced its magic (if only walls could talk, what wonderful stories they could tell, maybe some unpublishable...) you will know how special it is.

We really want to keep the Student House running for many more years to come.

Maybe you could help?  We are embarking on a programme of refurbishing the premises.  We have started with a couple of ground floor rooms – they look absolutely great, see below the first completed one.

Can you help us fund the refurbishment please?

Examples of cost would include;

£2,000 pod kitchen with fridge, microwave, double burner, extractor and cupboards.

Vanity unit £150 plus tiles £30

Carpet and lino £1,000

Desk and chair £250

Bed and mattress £250

Kitchen sundries £100

Soft furnishings £200

The whole transformation of this room cost around £11,000 in total (at the time of refurb).  We have refurbished two rooms so far...just 43 left to go!

However, not all will have self-contained kitchens so most will be less expensive to refurbish.

HOW can you help?

Can you afford to donate £11,000? – if so, please donate to us, we will refurbish a single room with a private kitchen and we will name the room after you.

Can you donate £5,000 – this could help to cover the refurbishment of a standard single room, we can name the room after you or a loved one. 

Please donate something to our cause, no matter how small, you can be assured it will go to the continuation of this unique house and the experience it offers.

Thank you.