Promoting friendship and hospitality across Commonwealth nations.

Why has the Victoria League operated affordable student accommodation in London since 1954?

We believe that education in its broadest sense is the foundation of human development.  Our history dates back to 1901, and it shines a light on education in its many forms.

Currently we are proud to offer Commonwealth students the opportunity to become part of a Commonwealth family, whose values are decency, respect for others, understanding, tolerance, integrity and partnership.  

One of our key priorities is to provide a vibrant student house for young Commonwealth students in London to live in, to make lifelong friends and to learn from each other in a safe and secure environment. The Victoria League Student House is an affordable 'home away from home' whilst studying in London.

In addition to providing student accommodation, The League offers membership to anyone with an interest in the Commonwealth. More information on how to become a member and the benefits that membership entails can be found here.

We also fund overseas projects that promote education in Commonwealth countries, in partnership with other organisations. Please see here to learn more about our endeavours abroad.