Once you have looked after your family and friends perhaps you could help us to continue our work by leaving us a gift in your Will?

  • Leaving money to a charity is something anyone can do – you don’t need to be rich, famous or eccentric.
  • We understand that family and loved ones will always take priority- remembering a charity in your will doesn’t mean excluding others.
  • A gift to charity in your will does not have to mean a large amount of money, a small gift can make a real difference.
  • Leaving a gift in your will has a tremendous impact, many charities wouldn’t exist without it.
  • Leaving a gift in your will is easy to organise and can be done at any time.

Pass on something wonderful by remembering The Victoria League for Commonwealth Friendship in your will.


Legacies are vital to our very survival, a fact that most supporters don’t realise.  To raise some much needed awareness, we’ve joined forces with Remember A Charity, the largest consortium of its kind in the UK working to promote legacy giving.

With 35%* of people saying they would consider including a gift to charity after providing for their family and friends in their will, and only 7%* doing so, there is a huge potential to increase income from legacies.  We are proud to be working with Remember A Charity to make this a reality.  For more information visit Remember A Charity

*TNS Social 2008

There is currently an offer from the Co-operative Legal Services negotiated by Remember A Charity which gives a 20% discount on Will writing services.

Prices start from only £99 + VAT (£118.80) for a standard single Will and no code is required if you use the provided link.  Here is a link to this service: Co-operative Will writing services.