When COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, a lot of our students, understandably, decided to return home. We were left with 16 students (along with our General Manager and House Manager who live on site). 

We make sure to keep in touch with weekly House meetings so everyone can see each other - the majority of the time the students are hard at work studying and staff are working in the office - we are all still as busy as ever! So the weekly meetings are a welcomed break.

We have had a pizza party and various games nights, normally we would enjoy pot luck suppers throughout the year but because we are all mindful of social distancing we decided food events are probably not the best idea at the moment. We are all the same household but it is better to be safe than sorry!

We recently held a graduation ceremony for seven of our students who are completing their masters in lock down. They have worked so hard in difficult circumstances that we thought they deserved to be celebrated! Check out more on our Instagram page.

We hope that in the autumn we will be able to welcome some familiar faces back to the House and welcome new ones as well! 

Click here to see some photos of life at the House and London in 2020 (so far!)

Here is a little video that shows you what we have been up to at the House since January - and includes a glimpse into our lockdown life!

Our General Manager Doreen enjoys cycling and during lock down has been able to enjoy the sights of London even more without the heavy traffic in the way! Watch the video below to see some of the highlights from her trips around this great city.