Programme of Study/Year: M.Sc. Space Syntax- Architecture and Cities

University: University College London

Hometown: Ahmedabad, India


Why choose London?

Because it is the best place to do this course.


How did you hear about Student House?

From a friend who stayed here few years back- Ramya Ramesh


Career/Studies to Date:

I’ve completed 1 term of a 1 year long M.Sc in Architecture at the Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL.


What do you like to do in your spare time?

Practice yoga, music, read, see the city, earn money to cover the cost of living in this expensive city


What is your ultimate dream/objective?

I am always living it.


Most memorable moment (of London or entire life)?

The views in Hyde park during fall!


Something you love/couldn’t live without:

My guitar, but I have managed without it for 8 months now.

Also, dogs.. which is I why I visit Hyde park a lot.


Something you loathe, or which irritates you:

Ignorance combined with arrogance.

Having come so far from home, having put in all the effort to get to study here I am saddened by people who don’t value knowledge!


Do you have an interesting fact/story about yourself? Please share:

FACT: I’m a passionate architect studying an exciting field - The social dynamics of the built environment.

STORY: Recently I found myself helping a group of French tourist to find their way by translating for them since they didn’t speak English. Thereafter, helping them buy an oyster card from an Indian store by translating from French to Hindi (in London?!!). Until this point I thought I was an outsider in this city, but being able to help them out changed how I saw myself. And given that I barely speak French it was doubly surprising!


Favourite quote or inspirational figure and why:

Some of the Buddha’s last few words: “appa deepo bhavaha” meaning be a light unto yourself. Because it reminds you that no matter what the circumstance you have the option to take the initiative to improve it.


Anything else you want to share?:

I have been at the Victoria League Student House for the last twelve months and I love everything about the place!